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Over the top, futuristic, 8 multiplayer PvE co-op VR shooter in 3D specifically developed for Location Based Entertainment centres.

Swarms features innovative, high portability and top-notch immersive technologies. Want to know more or licence the game ?


Hornest, half-prison, half-home to the Hive, a race of slimy horrors which have laid there in slumber for eons.

When mankind discovered the warp tech, they opened a gate to the Hornest realm. Swarms of monstrous creatures are now seeping through the cracks of reality to invade our universe.

You and your teammates are part of a group of elite fighters who have been sent to Corigis-B12, a distant mining facility close to the warp gate in an attempt to stop the invasion... Will you survive ?


Swarms is developed hand in hand with the biggest LBE VR centre of Europe, Virtual Park.

Virtual Park is based in Mouscron, Belgium and partnered on this project to provide LBE expertise, onsite testing, player feedback and deployment

As a partner, Virtual Park can also provide you with expertise, hardware/software and deployment solutions to ensure Swarms can run in the best conditions and with the least hassle possible.


From latest gen strikersVR (Maverick) integration, odor sensors, heat/cold sensors, air vortexes (allowing to feel impacts), our goal is to develop an affordable yet immersive toolset which optionally transforms Swarms into a “Disney” attraction with no hassle.

With a single computer supporting multi-gpu real-time rendering our goal is to lower the need for several machines to be set up independently.

Unreal 5 engine high quality graphics combined with wifi 6 streaming allow us to deliver a highly detailed graphical experience directly in the HTC Vive 3 headsets without the need for a backpack.

Last but not least, with an innovative single sign-on and permanent profile, players enjoy different experiences across Swarms universe. The profile stores key information such as XP and purchases and allows to create custom setups before a play session thus boosting replay value and driving additional revenues for the centres.

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